Liang M.D.O. Wang

BTIS 2023 Speaker
Liang M.D.O. Wang
Resident Representative for Botswana
World Bank

Mr. Liang Wang is the Resident Representative of the World Bank for Botswana since 2022. Based in Gaborone, Mr. Wang leads the World Bank’s engagement in Botswana that includes an active lending portfolio, a vibrant knowledge partnership and a dynamic dialogue with the government and a wide range of stakeholders.

Mr. Wang brings more than fifteen years of experience working at the World Bank across regions globally and the headquarters in Washington DC. He was the coordinator for the China, Korea and Mongolia country program—one of the largest programs at the World Bank from 2019-2022.

Prior to that, Liang worked on the operational policy of the International Development Association—the concessional financing window of the World Bank, led tasks to formulate the World Bank’s country strategies in Tanzania, Burundi, Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso, and advised the Managing Director of the World Bank overseeing the Bank’s operations in Africa, South Asia, and Europe and Central Asia regions.

A Chinese national, Mr. Wang holds graduate degrees from the University of Hong Kong and the George Washington University.