Tumediso Anicia Mbanga

BTIS 2023 Speaker
Tumediso Anicia Mbanga
Comfort Palace (new Cultural Village project)

Tumediso Anicia Mbanga is the Founder and Managing Director of Comfort Palace Guesthouses. She has over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, and holds a Diploma in Mathematics Education and she is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in business administration leadership and change management.

She has served on the boards of various organisations in Botswana such as The Botswana Qualification Authority as a member, the City of Francistown Council’s Trade Licencing board as a Chairperson, and the City of Francistown Council’s Liquour Appeals board as a Chairperson. She is also a member of Business Botswana and Local Enterprise Authority.

In addition to her impressive career, Mrs. Mbanga is a dedicated and passionate community leader, using her platform to make a positive impact in Botswana. She is committed to improving the lives of those in her community through education, economic development, and social justice initiatives. She is a role model for other women in business.